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For a few years now I have been working on and off on a MMOG game idea that I wrote a concept version of circa 1987 whilst at college. MYOB is a business mining exploration game and with the current popularity of Minecraft and Terraria and the widespread use of mobile phones I think a good mobile game on this subject may well be in favour by the time I complete it, or at least I will enjoy trying to make it. Example screen designs are shown on the right with their current interactive explanations.

New players in MYOB take on the role of a mining company CEO who starts with 100m cash to explore the map for minerals to mine. There will be several measures of achievement in MYOB but one of the most important will be your personal wealth and this is tied to your company's share price. As you find new mines and make various decisions your company share price will vary and so does your personal fortune.

For each type of mineral that can be found in MYOB each company has its own mining technology ability. Therefore, your company might not have the necessary technological capability to immediately mine everything you find. When you find something unminable you need to form a co-operative agreement with another company that has the ability to mine your find. You can do this by auctioning the mining rights. When you accept any offers received your company will receive various financial rewards and technology improvements that means your own company has an improved chance of building it's own mine on future mine discoveries for this type of mineral. Alternatively, when you are a more established MYOB player you can attempt to takeover another company in the game that possesses the technology you need.

Takeovers will be an exciting part of the MYOB experience but of course, your company is equally liable to be a target for someone else via the takeover process. As long as you are regularly active this will be difficult, but not impossible. However, there are things you can do to deter, delay and prevent this from happening, if you so wish. At the very least, you should attempt to maximise the price they pay for your shares or consider ruining the profits of any greedy speculators. If your company is taken over, then you can restart a new company and you will have additonal options that should make your next company a more challenging takeover prospect.

One of the problems we have observed in similar competitive games is that experienced players have a big advantage over new players. To help combat this demoralising behaviour, new players will effectively be protected from being takenover when they start.

As the participants in MYOB increase we will monitor the effectiveness of various features and things will be fine tuned as we receive feedback from players or from our own observations. Another feature we foresee implementing is an automatic level system that will restrict compan's in much high levels from taking over much lower rated ones. This level separation is also expected to slowly introduce more advanced features so the game has new things for experienced players to master. For instance the warehouse size is unlimited initially but in the next level up you will need to build your own warehouse capacity for storage of various minerals.

We have a few more ideas to make MYOB more challenging given more time but to begin with we intend to make it as simple as we can and the next step if you're up for this exciting prospect is to go to the Surveys Menu.

Any comment welcome at s.rush@espsoftware.co.uk