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Football Masters

This article was written and uploaded April 2017.

Click Oil Empires for help on this game that I personally play.

Otherwise, if you've landed here I'm guessing you're a nostalgic fan of Football Masters. Perhaps particularly the circa 1990 version with the 4 split screen cheering crowd goal scoring routine? I've been provoked into updating this web page because I regularly receive enquiries about getting these old games to run on a PC. So, I've added a paypal donate button below to see how serious such enquiries are and if I am pleasantly surprised then I will dedicate my time to investigating and providing details on how to do this - if you know please contact me at !

I have actually recently started coding again but I am working on a MMOG that has the working title of MYOB - Mine Your Own Business. Click on the link for more details on this new exciting mining business game idea. Once that is complete I will look to apply the same MMOG priciples to the old classic and relatively simple Football Masters. I wonder how many of you remember the Play By Mail version I developed and administered for a few years? Yes, I have already provided a truly multi-player world experience for Football Masters but it was too labour intensive and just imagine the particpation costs with today's postage rates! It seems technology may well finally be here to make this a practical reality for us all.

My History since Football Masters 2002-3

I had to stop production after Football Masters 2003 because it was uneconomically viable for me to continue. The revenue received no longer covered the ever expanding staffing costs. The last publisher who agreed to get the game into UK retailers probably ripped us off for at least £20,000. I had to sue them to get paid and settled for a much lesser amount than I believed was due but I knew it was over and just wanted to move on. I had already been tentatively working on a new business idea for a few years just in case this ever increasingly risky business venture failed.

My personal back up plan was to sell fun casino equipment and this quickly took off because it was naturally placed to take advantage of the Texas Hold Em online boom and relaxation in gambling laws but things have stablised and has slowly become a part time concern for me, which has been great, because it has allowed me to enjoy my family life and rekindle some old hobbies

Then on the 16th November 2016 I became practically housebound for a couple of months after breaking my leg playing 5-a-side football and after sitting around wondering what to do with myself I guess a recent friends suggestion to create a Football Masters App and somewhat regular flattering contacts from old Football Masters fans I decided to look at coding again.

Simon Rush

Stable Masters

It appears Mark Loveday is still producing a game based on horse racing theme called and you can click the link to go to that site for more details.